Construction Bidding Software for General Contractors

A bid management platform with a vast subcontractor network and AI-powered cost estimating, designed specifically for the construction industry.

For whom?


General Contractors

Manage your bids, subcontractors and communications from a single platform. Easily import detailed specifications from BIM or create them manually, send out invites and see exactly what’s happening with your inquiry.


Real estate developers

Get real-time, realistic cost estimates based on historical bid data. Our AI-powered cost estimating solution uses the historical bid data across your region to produce real-time, realistic cost estimates.



Receive detailed requests for quotation, discovered new deals and win bids. Register as a verified supplier to get access to published inquiries that you never had access to before.



Easily import your specifications from BIM

No more copy-pasting from one file to another, export your specifications from BIM and import them to BuildrLink within minutes. Easily create new price inquiries from the imported specification and include only the parameters you want to. Your suppliers will thank you for the detailed price inquiries, so they don’t need to look through complete project documentation.


Centralized communication

Centralized communication hub reduces human errors and miscommunication. You can forget tens of email threads with your suppliers and quickly answer their questions from one place. Need to make changes to your price inquiry? No problem, we will automatically notify all the suppliers, so they can update their bids accordingly.


Access our vast network of suppliers

We offer access to a vast network of suppliers, so you can send out price inquiries to tens of suppliers with a couple of clicks. A large number of participants ensures better value for money.


Find the best bidder faster

You can compare all the bids side by side to find the best bid faster and more efficiently. You can view detailed information about each position to understand the differences in pricing and offerings.

How does it work?


Step 1: Export from BIM

Export specification from your BIM as Excel (see instructions here) or use our Excel template to import your specifications (download template).


Step 2: Import specification

Log in to BuildrLink and import your specification. Select specification fields that you want to appear in the price inquiry. You can also easily add additional fields that are not defined in the specification.


Step 3: Pick suppliers

Pick suppliers you want to send the price inquiry to. You can easily add new suppliers if they are not yet on the list.


Step 4: Done

That’s it! You can now wait for the bids! You can make changes to the price inquiry whenever needed and your suppliers will be automatically notified via email and text message. They are also reminded when the deadline approaches.