How software can help construction businesses to succeed?

The acute situation in Europe has made construction unpredictable. The increase in raw material prices and thanks to the cost of materials has made construction companies anxious. The client-centered market years ago, where the main contractor or the client had greater options on the price, has turned into a market where the price is determined. If the subscriber does not like the conditions offered, he can find a new provider.

However, regardless of this, the construction caravan keeps moving forward, some move to more effective solutions and conservatism in the construction industry is changing direction. Updated IT solutions in the construction sector are raising their heads and reaching the masses. This is shown by the growth of IT solutions in the construction sector (ConTech) in the world. Investments in the digitalization of the construction industry increased from two billion in 2020 to three and a half billion by 2021.

The green revolution in Europe is a reality, and one of the cornerstones of its implementation will certainly be better-managed processes. A digital solution combined with automation reduced the budget by 20% on Norway's pilot project. Copying data back and forth and editing between different programs is time-consuming and error-prone. Adopting a solution to make processes more effective will definitely not happen overnight for large companies, and changing patterns that have already developed is difficult. It is certainly worth investigating alternatives before adopting a specific software, considering the appropriate one for the company and the highly sought-after trial, along with a demo of the product to the employee who is going to use the solution. In the case of a software solution, it is important to have active customer support in addition to the initial introduction and training of employees.

Company: Buildrlink

BuildrLink makes the work processes of project and purchasing managers clear, simple and easy to manage. Now it is possible to move information from the budget to the signing of the contract automatically. Add the necessary lines from your budget to the procurement, supplement them and send a request to all your subcontractors with one click. When submitting bids, the budget forecast is updated immediately, which enables the project manager to manage his finances promptly. The information gathered in comparison tables can be filtered with the precision required by each main contractor - see unit prices, volumes or comments added by the subcontractor without a complicated table. Coordinate offers with the project team or, in the case of an open budget, with the customer at any time. You draw up contracts in the cloud, where the subcontractor's preliminary information is already filled out for you.

Company: Bauhub

Bauhub is a flexible tool for managing drawings, documents and tasks of any constructional project. Bauhub includes task management features, from managing tags, categories and notifications, assigning tasks, creating checklists and tracking meeting minutes. Bauhub also allows for collaboration with unlimited users, progress report creation, and a multilingual user interface. Users can manage files in multiple formats with unlimited storage and revision management. Bauhub includes digital signage, automated controls and calculations as well as approval processes with comments.

Company: Remato

Remato is all-in-one & mobile-first platform to seamlessly manage projects, people and assets. Budget estimating & task planning, field communications & work tracking, real-time overview & automated reports.

Company: Procore

Procore is a software company that provides cloud-based construction management software. It offers Procore, a cloud-based construction project management software solution to manage vital project data and Procore Mobile, a mobile construction application that enables users to review, create, edit, and share project data with team members fromvarious locations. The company helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation.

Company: Fractory

Fractory manufacturing marketplace provides a one-stop shop to discover, compare, and fulfil production orders regardless of batch size. For companies with specialised laser-cutting equipment, Fractory optimises the use of available capacity to accelerate ROI of expensive machinery investments. Save time and get the price in seconds with our online automated quoting system. No more back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

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