BuildrLink - Tender and Supplier Management

Construction bidding made simple

BuildrLink helps real estate developers to collect and compare offers from general contractors with less manual labour. Get a real-time overview of all ongoing tenders, speed up the approval and review process, and increase transparency.



Replace spreadsheets

Forget endless copying between different PDF documents and spreadsheets. Using our intelligent comparison tables, you will have the quickest and most accurate way to level your bids. Compare bids side by side, group positions and contractors, and collaborate to get results faster and more efficiently.


Centralized communication

Manage contractor questions and answers from one place, reply to a single contractor or everyone at once. Need to update your requirements? No problem - send updates whenever you have new information, even after you’ve already received bids.


Access a vast network of general contractors

We offer access to a vast network of contractors so that you can send out price inquiries to tens of contractors with a couple of clicks. Powerful search filters put you in control to find the right contractor for every project. You can import your existing list of contractors or use our managed list.


Make data-driven decisions

Get real-time insights across your company with detailed bidding information and historical cost tracking. Easily keep track of historical unit prices and make smarter business decisions.


Streamline contract negotiations

Stop sending emails back and forth with the contract changes! You can take advantage of our contract management system and quickly finalize the contract based on the contractor feedback.


Increase transparency

Send out invites to bid and see what’s happening with your tender. Easily send out tender approval and review requests to keep your entire team on the same page.

How does it work?


Step 1: Add your budget or specification

You can add your specification from a spreadsheet, BIM or add it manually. You can also upload your budget spreadsheet to start with your tender process quickly.


Step 2: Select contractors

Select contractors, you want to send the invite to bid. You can easily add new contractors if they are not yet on the list. You can make changes to your project whenever needed, and we will notify contractors via email. They also receive reminders when the deadline approaches.


Step 3: Level and review bids

Once you have received bids, you can take advantage of our intelligent comparison tables to find the best bids. Compare offers side by side, group positions and contractors, and collaborate to get results faster and more efficiently.


Step 4: Create contracts

Upload your existing contract template, and we fill in the contractor information. You can easily modify the contract using our browser-based editor. Once the draft is ready, you can send it to the contractor to review and approve.

EIT Digital EIT Digital supported by EIT EU

The BuildrLink has been supported within the EIT Digital Venture Program 2020 and has been co-funded by EIT Digital. The EIT Digital Venture Program is an ARISE Europe activity